Joshua D. Allison
Louisiana Licensed Attorney, Notary, and Counselor at Law


Family law litigation is the foundation of the Firm and continues to be an important area of concentration.  We regularly handle complex and highly contested divorces, community property, and custody cases.  As a domestic litigation law firm, we also regularly handle the unique aspects of this type of litigation, which includes Hearing Officer Conferences, Judge trials, and expedited proceedings.  Most importantly, the Firm works closely with the client to accomplish a result specifically tailored to the client's personal needs and preferences.

In the area of family law, our concentrations include the following:

1.  Divorce

2.  Custody and Visitation

3.  Community Property, including community business valuation and community property protection orders.

3.  Parental Alienation Cases

4.  Spousal Support

5.  Child Support

6.  Contempt

7.  Relocation

8.  Grandparents' Rights

9.  Adoption and Parental Right Termination

10. Visitation

11. Restraining Orders

12. Protective Orders

13. Child Abuse

14. Community Business Seizure

15. Interdiction

16. Prenuptial Agreements

17. Jurisdiction and venue issues

18. General Advices